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Community Foundation for Brevard awards 2015 Medical Research Grant to Preeclampsia Foundation

Melbourne, Florida- The Community Foundation for Brevard has awarded the Brevard-based Preeclampsia Foundation a Medical Research Grant in the amount of $22,500 from the Kenneth R. Finken and Dorothy Hallam Finken Endowment Fund. This grant will extend research funded last year by the Community Foundation to study preeclampsia and its impact on the long-term health of mothers and infants through The Preeclampsia Registry™.

“This grant extends research funded in 2014 to study the genetics of preeclampsia and its association with cardiovascular disease, both of which have dramatic impact on the health of women and children,” said Eleni Tsigas, Executive Director of the Preeclampsia Foundation. “We aim to develop innovative mobile health technology to follow women with prior preeclampsia long-term and to further our genetic studies of the preeclampsia/cardiovascular disease relationship. These efforts will provide an enormous contribution to finding a cause of preeclampsia and to facilitating timely therapeutic intervention for both preeclampsia and cardiovascular disease.”

“This  unique medical research with the Brevard-based Preeclampsia Foundation is not only going to benefit mothers and babies world-wide, it also leads to a better understanding of the cause and treatment of cardiovascular disease in women,” said Sandi Scannelli, President/CEO of the Community Foundation for Brevard.

The first of its kind to focus solely on hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, The Preeclampsia Registry captures self-reported and clinical information as well as family and pregnancy history. Overseen by an Institutional Review Board, the registry ensures participants’ privacy and rights in medical research by sharing only de-identified information with approved scientists, researchers, and clinicians.