Every one can play a role in preeclampsia research!

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"The Preeclampsia Registry is the avenue for preeclampsia survivors and their families to serve as partners in preeclampsia research to play a key role in driving change."


CEO Eleni Tsigas

The Preeclampsia Registry was born out of a call to action by preeclampsia survivors to create a place where you can use your experiences and stories to further research and become partners in finding answers to better prevent, treat, and one day cure preeclampsia.

The Preeclampsia Registry brings together preeclampsia survivors, family members, and researchers to engage in the common purpose of advancing knowledge and treatment of preeclampsia.


After providing consent, you will be asked a series of questions about your health, family, and pregnancy history. This information is made available to approved preeclampsia researchers to help them with their studies.


The registry is also a “living database,” meaning we’ll ask you to give us an update at least once a year and we may ask you additional questions as there are new ideas to explore.  


We will never share any information that can identify you, such as your name, date of birth, and contact information.

Who is eligible to enroll?


Women who experienced preeclampsia or a related hypertensive disorder of pregnancy such as eclampsia or HELLP syndrome.


Family members of

women affected by preeclampsia or a related hypertensive disorder of pregnancy. Relatives can be either female or male to participate.


Women who have never had preeclampsia or hypertensive disorders of pregnancy. These participants will serve as a comparison or “control” group.

An authorized representative may complete the questionnaire on behalf of a woman who had preeclampsia, but died or is disabled as a result.


Partner with researchers to find a cure!

How it works

We believe that together, as partners in research, our lived experiences and collective voices will help advance research to find a cause and a cure!


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