Decoding Preeclampsia

Your DNA may crack the code.

Study Requirements

  • are participating in the Preeclampsia Registry (Not enrolled yet? Join the Registry)

  • live in the US

  • had a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy, such as preeclampsia or HELLP syndrome

  • are at least 18 years old

* We are also enrolling children born from pregnancies affected by hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

Steps To Participate

  1. Log-in to the Preeclampsia Registry

  2. Select "Participate in More Research" then "DNA Biobank" (if "DNA Biobank" is not an option, we may be missing info needed for you to qualify.  Please contact the Registry Manager at

  3. Carefully review the consent form

  4. If you agree, you will receive a DNA collection kit in the mail within 5-7 business days via USPS

  5. Follow the instructions to collect a cheek swab or saliva sample(s), fill out the study forms, and return in the postage-paid box

  6. Your participation in this study will aslo enrol you in the Preeclampsia Registry's biobank

Why the Decoding Preeclampisa Study?

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Decoding Preeclampisa Study Goals

  • Better understand the causes of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy

  • Develop a genetic test to predict HDP before or early in pregnancy, or at least tell us more about it

  • Who specifically may be at higher risk for developing an HDP

  • Catalyze future genetic research

This study is being conducted in partnership with Predictive Laboratories, Inc.